Filling the “tear valley” with hyaluronic acid

The Derm-Al Beauty offers tissue filling and dark circles removal in the “tear valley”, using specialist product dedicated to this particular area, namely Redensity II TEOSYAL®.

The skin in the eye area is very delicate and demanding, and the product for this procedure must have specific properties, and the physician must have the right skills.

The tear valley are the furrows that stretch from the corners of the eyes to the cheeks. Sometimes the area is very collapsed and livid blue. As a result, the face looks sad and tired, and older than it actually is. The procedure of filling the “tear valley” with Redensity II helps even the area under the eyes and restore its natural colour. Redensity II is a combination of hyaluronic acid - delicately cross-linked, and a skin renovation complex with an anasthetic - lidocaine. It is dedicated to the eye area and for the filling of fine wrinkles.

How does the procedure work?
A cannula is used in the procedure - a very thin, flexible pipe with a blunt ending. The cannula makes it possible to inject the substance under the skin avoiding blood vessels and precisely distribute it over a given area. The cannula requires only two injections (one on each side of the face), which reduces the risk of bruises and pain, and makes the procedure safer. Because the product contains lidocaine, there is no need for extra anaesthesia. The effect of the procedure is instant, natural and long-lasting.

Price of the procedure 1300 PLN