Consultation with clinical dietician

The Derm-Al Centre offers consultations with the clinical dietitian, who may help plan a diet in order to achieve the desired body weight or figure and to improve the effects of dermatology, allergology or endocrinology treatment.

The first appointment is usually an hour long. The dietitian interviews the patient in order to get a good picture of their condition. The dietitian asks about health issues and eating habits, takes anthropometric measurements and analyses body composition using the bioimpendance method. It is also a good idea to take your latest medical test results to the appointment. The dietitian carefully analyses the condition of the patient and their eating habits and physical activity. Based on such information, the dietitian discusses the goals and action plan with the patient. The patient receives detailed recommendations tailored to their individual needs.

The price includes appointment and recommendations.

Dietician Agata Lewandowska

Agata Lewandowska

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