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Fungal nail laser treatment
(Fox medical laser by A.R.C. Laser – GERMANY)

At the Derm-Al Podology Room, we offer fungal nail laser treatment with Fox™ medical laser. .

Fungal nailsare caused by dermatophyte fungi or, less frequently Candida fungi (yeasts) or molds. Fungi may affect both finger and toenails, and may develop on one or all nails. The symptoms are weak or thick nail plates that break and split a lot and may be painful to the touch. The nails are uneven, dull or yellow (or greenish, or brownish) and horny.

In order to diagnose fungal nails, mycological test is performed. For more information on the test, click here

Fungal nails need treatment because the problem will not disappear on its own even in the early stage, and it is very infectious. If not treated, it will spread to other fingers and infect other persons, too. The treatment of fungal nails is long and difficult, mainly because nails take a long time to grow. Fungi may be treated with ointments, antifungal nail varnish and oral medication. The treatment, to be effective, should continue for a couple of months, also after the symptoms have disappeared. Laser treatment may supplement the process and, if a patient poorly tolerates oral medications (antifungal medications affect the liver and the whole organism), it is the only option.
The Fox laser emits light of 1064 wave length that destroys the cytoplasmic membrane and the enzymatic content of fungal cells, causing them to die without damaging the nail plate or the surrounding tissue. However, laser treatment does not prevent fungal reinfection, so the patient must take new socks and shoes with him or her and follow the instructions after the procedure.

How does the procedure work?
The procedure is performed by podologist, who first disinfects the patient’s feet and then examines them and interviews the patient. The purpose of the interview is to find out about any diseases the patient may suffer from and any medications he or she takes. A contraindication for the procedure is, among other things, neuropathy caused by advanced diabetes or circulatory failure. This knowledge is necessary for the safety and effectiveness of the treatment, and it is reported in the patient’s podologic file. Next, the podologist discusses the treatment plan with the patient and gives him or her instructions to be followed after the procedure.

Depending on the condition of the nails, the podologist, using a drill machine and specialist drill bits, prepares the nails for the, removes the sections of nail plate changed by fungi, cleanses the nails and folds and polishes hypertrophic (thick) nails.

The procedure involves applying laser impulses of appropriate parameters to nail plates. The laser head is moved appr. 1 cm. above the infected area and it does not touch the nail. The procedure takes appr. 10-20 minutes. The patient feels strong heat. Finally, the podologist applies specialist antifungal nail varnish.

It is recommended to perform at least two procedures 4 weeks apart. Unless the doctor or podologist recommends otherwise, 7 days after the second procedure, mycological test should be made. The result is available within 4 weeks and it shows whether the nail has been cured or the therapy needs to be continues.

The effects of the treatment are visible when new, healthy nails grow, however only mycological test can confirm that the nails have been completely cured.

Price of the procedure:
One nail 200 PLN
Two nails 300 PLN
Three nails 400 PLN
Four to ten nails 500 PLN