The feet are the part of our body that is particularly exposed to various diseases or injuries. However, we often underestimate their role in our daily life. Yet, it is worth taking proper care of the feet to make sure they stay in a good condition. At our Podology Room, we perform a number of prophylactic procedures for the feet and toenails. We can help you make your feet look good and keep them in perfect condition. We also offer a number of procedures that may be an excellent addition to dermatologic treatment. The procedures are performed by experienced and diligent podology specialists. The exceptional quality of our procedures and the professionalism of our staff are proven, among other things, by the fact that a member of our team, Monika Anhalt – Szawłowska, has won the title of Polish Podology Champion. To provide our patients with top quality services, we have equipped our Podology Room with advanced, specialist devices. This way, we are able to help our patients solve even very difficult and complicated problems.
We do our best to make each of our patients feel comfortable during a procedure.