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The Dermatology and Allergy Centre “Derm-Al” is a specialist medical centre created by Barbara Sarankiewicz-Konopka, PhD, specialist dermatologist and venereologist. Since 1998, it has been located at 116/5 Armii Krajowej Street in Sopot. Its previous address was Skarpowa Street. Centrally located in the Tri-city, the Centre is in easy reach for patients from both Gdańsk and Gdynia. Not only that but we also have patients from all around Pomorskie region, as we offer many specialist services. Because of the growing number of our patients, we are able to continuously develop. The Derm-Al Centre has won the trust and satisfaction of patients mainly due to the hard work and dedication of our experienced team of physicians and other personnel. Our doctors are the major asset of the Centre. Most of them have been with us for many years (some since the very beginning). They all have clinical experience and some are university teachers. The doctors continuously increase their skills by participating in training courses and seminars in Poland and internationally.

The Derm-Al Centre focuses on diagnosis and treatment of skin and mucous membrane diseases. The reason for combining dermatology and allergy treatment in a single centre is the fact that most skin and mucous membrane diseases are associated with allergies, which are called the disease of affluence. The physicians at the Derm-Al Centre have double specialties: dermatologist - allergist, laryngologist - allergist, paediatrician - allergist, internist - allergist, and they closely cooperate with one another. We offer the following diagnostic examinations: mycological tests for fungal nails and demodex folliculorum as well as skin prick tests and patch tests to determine the type of allergy (food, inhalation or contact allergy). We also offer allergen immunotherapy.

Dermatology also covers a number of diseases associated with skin changes that qualify for surgical treatment, like birthmarks, warts, fibromas, vessels. At Derm-Al, we offer different surgical methods, depending on the problem: laser, electrocoagulation, radiosurgery or cryotherapy. In order to meet the needs of our patients, we have created a separate podology unit, where our specialist provide treatment for foot and nail problems (calluses, ingrown nails, cracked heels).

In 2010, we opened an aesthetic medicine section of the Derm-Al Centre: Derm-Al Beauty. We offer professional counseling and treatment based on the latest trends in order to improve the appearance of the skin and hair (removal of expression lines, mesotherapy, hyaluronic acid, platelet-rich plasma, thread lift, Pelleve), We also perform certain plastic surgery procedures such as eyelid and ear correction, mini facelift or hair transplant. Our main strategy is to offer complex dermatological treatment, be innovative and ensure top quality of services. Every Patient matters for us and we treat everyone individually and with care. The group of Patients who trust and appreciate us is constantly growing and we already see the third generation of our loyal clients. For us, the personnel of Derm-Al, it is the reason for great joy and satisfaction.