Price list - podiatry


Podiatry specialist 100 PLN


Medical pedicure* 140 PLN
Extended medical pedicure** - 90 minutes 180 PLN
*The procedure includes shortening and shaping the nails, cleansing the nail folds and removing the horny layer of the epidermis. Before the procedure, the diagnosis, recommendations for further care and treatment plan are discussed with the patient.
** Basic podiatric procedure plus foot soak, peeling, massaging with a nourishing preparation, applying nail conditioner and nail polish.

Fox medical laser made by A.R.C. Laser – GERMANY

One nail 200 PLN
Two nails 300 PLN
Three nails 400 PLN
Four to ten nails 500 PLN


Only heels from 100 PLN
Only the underside of the foot and toes from 100 PLN
Cutting the nails from 100 PLN
Reconstructing damaged nail plate from 100 PLN
Correcting an ingrown toenail with the BS Quick brace 100 PLN
Correcting an ingrown nail with an orthonyx bracket 200 PLN
Readjusting the orthonyx bracket 100 PLN
Ingrown toenail treatment with the Arkada’s method 300 PLN
Corn removal from 80 PLN
Cleansing a pathologic or injured nail, applying wound dressing from 100 PLN
Wound dressing/tamponade 40 PLN


Mycological test - direct, to detect elements of fungal structure 40 PLN
Mycological test - culture growing to identify fungal species 40 PLN


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