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Podiatry is the treatment and prevention of foot and toenail disorders. In Poland, it is one of the branches of cosmetology, but in many European countries, such as, for example, Germany, France or Switzerland – it is a field of medicine. The podiatrist must have knowledge about dermatology, orthopaedics, surgery and even diabetology. Podiatric treatment may be additional to dermatological treatment or it may be applied as effective preventive foot and toenail treatment, e.g. as regular pedicure by the podiatrist.

Certain foot disorders, e.g. toenail fungus or psoriasis, treated by the dermatologist may require the help of the podiatrist. Professional cleansing of nail plate by the podiatrist will enhance penetration of medical ingredients and accelerate the healing process. Also, if there is a viral wart covered by a thick layer of calloused epidermis, the podiatrist may remove the epidermis to make it easier for the dermatologist to freeze the wart. The dermatologist refers patients with certain conditions, such as corns, ingrown toenails od cracking heels, etc., to the podiatrist, who knows how to treat them. Corns or ingrown nails may also be surgically removed, but this is a last-recourse procedure that involves stiches and requires a period of convalescence. Before going to the surgeon, it is worth consulting the podiatrist first. The podiatrist may remove a corn using special drill bits and treat an ingrown toenail with special orthonyx brackets. Podiatry treatment usually gives an immediate relief and does not prevent normal activity.

What kinds of podiatry treatment do we offer

The podiatry office at the Derm-Al Centre offers foot treatment and care, e.g. ingrown toenail treatment, application of orthonyx brackets, removal of hyperkeratosis, calluses, corns, treatment of toenail fungus or psoriasis, cracking heels and sweaty feet and reconstruction of damaged toenails. Our podiatrists advise patients on proper foot and toenail care, application of specialist cosmetic products and basic pharmaceutical products and, if need be, prescribe relevant tests or treatment, or refer to a specialist physician, if the patient’s condition requires surgical or dermatological treatment. The Derm-Al Centre also offers mycological tests (to diagnose fungal infection) and laser treatment of toenail fungus.

Who is podiatry treatment for?

The treatment is dedicated to patients with podiatric problems such as, for example, ingrown, damaged or fungal toenails, corns, cracked heels, calluses, horny skin, or patients in the risk group due to foot and toe deformation, circulatory failure, diabetes (diabetic foot, neuropathy, ulceration), to elderly persons or persons with motor problems, pregnant women as well as to those for whom safety and professionalism of the pedicure is important. The procedures are performed by podiatry specialists, using professional podiatric products and equipment, and sterile devices.

One of our specialists, Monika Anhalt-Szawłowska, holds the title of Polish Champion of Podiatry, which she won in a country-wide competition in 2015.


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