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Due to the fact that the final effect of dermatological treatment, namely a look that satisfies the patient, is becoming increasingly important, we offer to our patients consultations and treatment by aesthetic dermatologists and plastic surgeons. We want to provide our patients not only with effective treatment but also with the right aesthetic effect after completion of the treatment. For example, a patient may wish to remove scars and dark spots, if any, after acne treatment. Our dermatologists may select the right method for their removal and perform the procedure. The Derm-Al Centre offers numerous skin regeneration methods after prolonged treatment: fractional laser and various kinds of mesotherapy and exfoliation. Balding treatment, for example, may be supplemented with scalp mesotherapy. In some cases, our physicians may apply treatment that slows down the development of a condition, e.g. laser closing of vessels may prevent the development of acne rosacea. Meanwhile, the best method to treat visible skin lesions, e.g. on the face, is to have them removed by the plastic surgeon. The plastic surgeon knows how to cut the skin so that the scars are concealed in natural wrinkles or facial features, to make them as invisible as possible.

Types and effects of aesthetic dermatology treatment

Aesthetic dermatology procedures, apart from supplementing medical treatment, are also recommended for patients who simply want to improve their look or delay the signs of ageing. They are supposed to make one look younger and prettier, and feel better. If made by a professional, they are safe, do not alter the facial features, do not cause complications and are reversible. Their effects are fine, but often immediate or visible soon after treatment. Their durability depends on the condition of the skin before treatment as well as on one’s lifestyle and sometimes on how many times the treatment is repeated. The most popular aesthetic dermatology procedures are: botox treatment of expression lines, wrinkle filling with hyaluronic acid, face, neck, décolleté mesotherapy, scalp mesotherapy for hair quality improvement and laser treatment, such as laser closing of blood vessels on the face, décolleté, thighs and cruses and fractional laser treatment as well as various kinds of peelings that exfoliate the epidermis, refresh and regenerate.

Plastic surgery correction

For patients who suffer from inferiority complex and low self-esteem due to defects in appearance, we offer plastic surgery that yields radical and permanent results. A number of aesthetic dermatology procedures are dedicated to the skin in the eye contour area: mesotherapy with the right tightening and moisturising preparations or fractional laser to increase skin density. However, these are preventive procedures, recommended when a problem is not yet very advanced. In the case of heavily drooping eyelids or large eye hernias (bags), plastic surgery procedure: upper and lower eyelid correction by specialist plastic surgeon is the best. The Derm-Al Centre also offers protruding ear correction and scar correction. It is recommended to combine plastic surgery with aesthetic dermatology treatment in order to prolong the effects and improve the condition of the skin and hair.

All the procedures at our Centre are performed by experienced specialist physicians, some of whom are also trainers. We use only professional preparations and safe techniques. We never compromise on the health and safety of our patients and our primary goal is to ensure a natural and aesthetic effect of our procedures. We welcome both male and female patients and we guarantee kind atmosphere and discretion.


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