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The mission of the Derm-Al Centre is to provide complex treatment of skin and mucous membrane diseases, and allergies. This is possible thanks to close cooperation of specialists in relevant fields of medicine and availability of numerous tests and procedures at our Centre. The reason for combining dermatology and allergology in a single centre is the fact that most skin and dermatological diseases are associated with allergies, which have become a disease of affluence. There are many skin allergies, but nose, throat, bronchus and lung allergies are equally common. Skin and hair problems are also often affected by hormonal management. In order for the Derm-Al Centre to become a true skin disorder treatment centre, we have created a team of specialists in all the relevant fields of medicine. We offer dermatology, allergy, laryngology, pulmonology and endocrinology consultations. And, since allergy treatment is different in adults than in children, we also have an allergy paediatrician at our Centre.

Skin lesion tests

One of the important areas of the Derm-Al Centre activity is early detection and treatment of skin cancer. Malignant melanoma (Lat. melanoma malignum), which develops on the skin, is one of the most dangerous tumours. Melanoma may cause metastasis by sending cancerous cells via blood vessels to nearby lymph nodes as well as to distant organs, such as the lungs or brain. Luckily, melanoma is at the same time one of the easiest cancers to detect and cure at an early stage, because it is visible on the skin! In women, melanoma typically develops on the limbs and in men - on the torso. Melanoma may be cured, if detected at an early stage and surgically removed. Thus, it is important to check your skin in case new pigmented lesions appear or the existing lesions change in a manner that could be worrying. The Derm-Al Centre specialises in testing pigmented lesions. We perform dermatoscopy and video-dermatoscopy of lesions. The advanced equipment that we use enables us to take pictures of all the lesions on the patient’s skin and to compare and detect any changes that develop in time. Body mapping also enables detecting any new lesions.

Testing and quick surgical removal of pigmented lesions increase the chance of recovery to nearly 100%. At the Derm-Al Centre, lesions are removed by surgeons, including plastic surgeons, and a paediatric surgeon. Every surgically removed pigmented lesion is forwarded for histopathology analysis in order to confirm the preliminary diagnosis or identify the disease, and to plan adequate treatment, and - in the event of a tumour - to determine the level of its malignancy and confirm that it has been entirely removed.


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